I partner with Emerson Wellevate for my client's nutritional supplement needs. On this site, my clients can receive a deep discount on their products. For more information feel free to contact me. You will need to set up your own account with Wellevate.  I have provided information on how to do so below.

Emerson Wellevate Supplements

For 30 years, Wellevate has been delivering the highest quality products and services. They are excited to offer this best in class tool that serves you in the most convenient way possible.

As a next generation online patient dispensary, wellevateSM was designed based on feedback from health care practitioners and clients, like you, who highlighted the importance of a simple, easy to use tool that helped practitioners recommend the highest quality products to their clients, simplified ordering, and ultimately helped improve clients' ability to follow their practitioners recommended protocol.  They also heard from you that privacy and security are vital in patient communications, so every transaction is safe and secure as wellevateSM is HIPAA and PCI compliant.  What’s more, wellevateSM is backed by Emerson Ecologics' amazing breadth of brands, industry-defining quality program, and exceptional customer service that professionals and their clients have trusted for years. 

Click the button below to order your supplements at a 35% discount: 

Nutritional Supplements & Essential Oils