Below is a compilation of the frequent questions we get along with recent web submissions. 

Q:  Where can I even begin to get organized?  It’s so overwhelming, I just keep procrastinating!

A:  If a task is too large to even think about, if you feel defeated before you even begin, it’s important to break it down into manageable size tasks or time commitments.  Figure out how much time you can commit to this project every day, or every week.  Schedule those blocks of time into your calendar.  Set a timer so that when the committed time is up, you stop.  If you know that you start to run out of steam after an hour, only schedule time slots for an hour or less.  If it becomes too much like drudgery, you will go back to your procrastinating ways.  Alternatively, break the job down into manageable size tasks and only focus on the task at hand, not the whole project.  Let’s say the project is a messy, overflowing garage.  First task could be gathering all of the items that you no longer use or need.  Sort them into two piles, one for items that are in good condition and can be sold or donated to a charity (or a friend or family member who may want it), and the second is for items that need to be thrown away.  Second task could be arranging for transporting and/or disposing of those piles.  Third task is to figure out what you need to help organize the remaining items such as:  shelving, hooks for hanging items up off the floor, cabinets and an attic folding ladder for storage in the rafters.  After you have purchased or built the desired organizing items, you are ready to find a home for each item that is currently cluttering the space.  Group like items together so that it will be clear to every member of the family where things belong.  Continue on in this manner until your project is complete.  These tasks can be spread over many weeks or even months if needed.  As long as you map out a plan in advance, you can stay focused with your eye on the prize, and can recognize how much progress you’ve made every step of the way.


Q:  Laura, since you are a vegan…I’m curious, where do you get your protein?

A:  This has got to be my number one, most frequently asked question!  I’m sure you’ve observed that many health fads and trends come and go over the years.  What was once considered unhealthy suddenly becomes the newest healthy food of choice and vice versa.  The concern about getting enough protein is such an old, outdated concept.  Yet it has such deep roots in our mental programming, we seem unable to let go of the belief that it should be our number one focus.  Here is the reality:  if you are taking in enough calories, you are getting enough protein.  Period.  Plant foods all have protein, and those proteins are more bioavailable than the proteins found in animal foods.  Getting too much protein from animal products is actually a bigger concern as this puts quite a strain on the kidneys.


Q:  What are some helpful ways to reduce/manage my stress?

A:  My favorite option for reducing stress is to spend as much time out in nature as possible.  Nothing will unwind my stress faster than taking a walk in a natural setting:  on the beach, in a park, in a wooded area, along a waterway, etc.  Other great choices include:  mixing Epsom salts with a high-quality essential oil and soaking in a hot bath, getting a massage, watching something funny on television, doing a craft or favorite hobby, working out, gardening, and volunteering your time to a great cause.  It’s important to carve out some “me time” each and every day in a way that fulfills and uplifts you.  

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