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Cynthia had chronic fatigue syndrome.  She was a busy mother of 3 boys.  She reached a point where she could barely get up off of the couch each day.  Just doing a load of laundry and transferring the clothes from the washer to the dryer, she would have to sit down several times during the process to rest, as she couldn’t transfer the load all at one time.  After following a mostly raw diet and incorporating some of the supplements recommended in Medical Medium, she was able to return to a full time job again.


Liz has severe neuropathy in her hands, feet and lower legs.  Two years prior to working with me and applying the Medical Medium information, her neuropathy began to worsen.  She lost the ability to move her feet and developed drop foot.  She couldn’t stand still without holding on to something.  She started to use a cane to help steady herself when walking.  She went to many medical specialists and had many tests run.  No one could discover the cause.  She was told by her doctor that at her rate of deterioration, she would be in a wheelchair within two years.  She was eventually sent to the Mayo Clinic for a solid week of tests by the best experts in the field.  They, too, were unable to find the source of her problem or offer her any hope for a cure.  During this time she also was losing a lot of hair.  The hair on her head was thinning rapidly, and she no longer had hair on her arms and legs.  It was around this time that the Medical Medium book was first published and I approached LIz with this new, ground-breaking information on how to heal mystery illnesses.  She agreed to give it a try.  After 18 months of following the protocols (to the best of her ability), her condition is improving!  She is able to move her toes and flex her feet at the ankles.  She can sometimes feel the shower splashing on her calves or her cat’s tail brush by her lower leg.  She is using the cane less often.  And her hair is growing back in on her arms, legs and head. 

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After going through the Medical Medium 28 day cleanse, Marge reversed her type 2 diabetes and was able to go off of all of her blood pressure medications.


​I did the 28 day cleanse and could never have predicted the results. I was off my BP meds in two weeks, which was shocking. I'd always thought mine was high since my parents had high blood pressure. That sure proved to me that is not the case. Though I didn't do the cleanse to lose weight, I lost 7 pounds. I continue to do the heavy metal cleanse and drink celery juice daily and have stayed raw and vegan throughout the day only eating products from animal in the evenings. My BP has stayed under control. Thanks Laura!​​

Success Stories

Below are success stories of former and current clients who have undergone a customized program with Laura. These stories are shared with their consent to illustrate the potential of the Medical Medium protocols. 

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